I aim to teach my students to play the guitar using the music that inspires them the most. Over many years of teaching, I have found that students are primarily motivated to learn music that speaks to them personally. As learning an instrument requires time and perseverance, this intrinsic motivation helps the student to stay inspired along the path.

Every piece of music, whether it be a song, a solo guitar piece or an improvisation, contains the same universal ingredients. In the learning process, I encourage my students to examine and work on the building blocks of music:

We'll explore the rhythmic nature

We'll explore the harmonic make-up

We'll explore the technical/tonal approaches being used 

We'll explore how the music being expressed emotionally and energetically 

Eventually, with care and attention, the student comes away with a thorough and confident ability to learn and perform the piece of music. Over time, a strong sense of musical confidence emerges, which transfers into other areas of the students’ life. 

From beginner to intermediate, to more advanced players, my approach is tailored to fit every student’s needs on an individualized basis. 

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