Dan was an immensely supportive and encouraging guitar teacher who urged me to develop my own musical taste at an early age. He fostered my burgeoning love for songwriting by recording some of my first compositions and made me feel comfortable and confident in my abilities as a young guitarist. Even though my main instrument is now the drums, the love and respect for music developed in my lessons with Dan lives on through the music I make today."

Jordan Circosta (Drummer/Composer in Ginger Ale & The Monowhales)


I studied guitar and bass with Dan for two years and he was fantastic! More than just teaching how to play an instrument, Dan's lessons focused on musicality. From helping me develop stronger time, internalizing the sounds I hear and play on the guitar and making music from a relaxed enjoyable mindset, Dan made it fun to practice, and helped me develop skills I use to this day. I would recommend Dan to any student with a curious mind and a love for music! 

- George Chenery, (Professional bassist in Toronto)


Learning guitar from Dan Goldman was the beginning of my musical career which has since become one of the most important things in my life. Dan Goldman knows so much about guitar playing and how to teach it, but I also learned musicianship from him. I learned how to listen carefully and how to analyze and interpret music as well as how to express it in my own unique way. He taught me how to play with other musicians, how to feel the groove, and all the fundamentals a great musician needs. 

Dan Goldman is an incredible guitar and music teacher. I would not be where I am today without his help and guidance, his support and encouragement and his patience. His skill and versatility is extraordinary. No matter what genre I wanted to focus on, Dan was competent at a high level. Not only is he a great teacher for all ages, but also for all abilities. Dan Goldman creates a perfect learning environment; it is both comfortable and challenging.  

- Charlotte McAffey-Brunner (Toronto Youth Orchestra member)  


Dan is the best guitar teacher ever. He taught me a lot of songs. I was always happy and excited to have lessons with Dan. Now I play guitar for my friends and sometimes perform on stage. My whole family loves Dan!

A former student,



Dan Goldman is a wonderful music teacher. He has both the social and musical skills to make learning guitar a great experience for you or your child.

For beginners he is patient and encouraging.  As your skills grow, Dan can provide more challenging lessons that will keep you motivated.

But whatever your skill level, Dan first establishes good rapport and then works hard to find the most strategies to increase your musical abilities.

Pat McCaffey


Dan Goldman is a fantastic music teacher.  He taught our 2 daughters for several years.  They both learned a great deal of music from Dan and will always think of him as a friend - not just a teacher.  We consider ourselves very lucky to have had the opportunity to learn from such a kind and talented musician.

I wholeheartedly recommend Dan if you are interested in learning to play music.

Grateful Parents


March 19, 2017

To Dan's future students and their parents:

I am writing to strongly recommend Dan Goldman as the ultimate guitar teacher for anyone, child or adult, at any level and for any type of music. We met Dan in Toronto around eight years ago at an event put on by Keys to the Studio, an organization that connects professional musicians with young musicians who have developmental and intellectual disabilities. Dan was volunteering, and as I recall he accompanied a young autistic man who sang a beautiful song in Russian and then literally ran away after the performance. Dan does not share the language, but he obviously had an excellent rapport with the singer.

Somehow Dan met up with my younger daughter Charlotte (the one without special needs), who was about eight years old at the time and was running around the venue. She informed us that she was going to learn to play guitar and Dan was going to be her teacher. He took both our daughters on as students and made a permanent, major contribution to both their lives. 

Our older daughter Amelia deeply loves music and has a very good ear, but her lack of manual dexterity and her intellectual disability present obstacles to learning a musical instrument. She and Dan overcame these obstacles together. He showed showed unfailing patience, kindliness, working with her to choose songs that she liked and were also within reach at her stage of development. It really worked. With my other daughter, he worked on music theory and songwriting as well as actually playing the instrument. For both our children, Dan has been more than a teacher. He was a friend, mentor and guide to the musical world. Through him, my girls have met some amazing musicians including Leslie Feist, and have had many opportunities they would otherwise have missed. 

When Dan left Toronto he tried to set us up with a replacement, and while he has excellent taste in such matters (we met a wonderful trombone teacher through him), nobody could really stand the idea of having any other guitar teacher. Still, Amelia plays guitar every day for enjoyment and Charlotte plays almost every day. From time to time they perform at open mikes and similar venues, sometimes together and sometimes separately. They're pretty good, and more importantly, they love it.

I remember Dan putting on excellent recitals where his students performed for an audience of parents. Sometimes he played a bit of accompaniment, but always kept himself in the background to let the performers shine. It was at those recitals that I started to appreciate to realize Dan's incredible musical range and personal flexibility. While he is a highly trained jazz guitarist among other things, his students presented an eclectic mixture of folk songs, blues, and different flavours of rock and roll depending on their tastes and interests. When Charlotte became interested in classical guitar Dan effortlessly went with that too.

Dan Goldman is a great guitar teacher. He's patient and remarkably flexible in terms both of type of student and type of music. While he's incredibly talented himself, he always keeps the focus on his on students instead. I am honoured to have this opportunity to recommend him.


Jerry Brunner

A highly satisfied parent

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